Mike helped the Applications Management Group in several ways that proved highly valuable and productive, including project management training, requirements analysis, defining a practical project lifecycle methodology, resource management and the definition and creation of an Applications Management Office to oversee projects. He assisted in training our staff in these areas and greatly facilitated the speed with which we were able to put these improvement initiatives to use within our department. He was very effective at coaching our staff, recognizing the different skill levels and adjusting his activities accordingly. One measure of his success is that these recommendations moved very quickly from being a "consultant recommendation" to "this is the way we do things."

Betty Butkus,  Applications Manager, Mobil Oil Corporation 1997


I regard Mike Cooper as a uniquely talented designer of management systems for IT service companies.  He demonstrated on many occasions the rare ability to mix methodical planning and analysis with the urgency and passion of crisis management.

Our services at Logica involved the integration of highly technical and complex systems, often within the most sensitive and mission critical areas of our clients' business.  During that time Mike developed a reputation as the "go to" guy when technology or planning were strained to their limits. His cool head and ability to successfully trouble shoot projects, processes and operations won him the much-deserved respect of clients and colleagues alike.  As a result he was frequently called on throughout the organization and for several years, happily mixed the roll of our chief technologist with that of international troubleshooter.

Mike was a highly valued member of my organization and I am delighted to recommend his talents.  I wish him well in his current activities.

Jim Yates  CEO, Logica Inc. (1995-1997)

Mike's help was instrumental in our establishment of a program management office to support $100M+ of IT services work for one of our clients. He facilitated our executive leadership team in organizing its thoughts and ideas about managing the work and the relationships, and captured the model for how work will be undertaken by developing standard operating procedures and templates. This included working collaboratively with all aspects of our organization, from legal and finance, through sales and delivery, helping us get a common understanding of how best we could manage the program.

Mike's ability to not only develop materials collaboratively, but to educate our organization on using them, enabled us to progress further and faster than we would otherwise have done, and freed up our staff to focus on our customer and the delivery of our work.

Doug Ingram, EVP Financial Services Industry, Metamor Worldwide

Mike has been working with us for several months, during which time he has helped our organization by analyzing various aspects of project and program management, making recommendations for changes, and following up with implementation assistance where appropriate. His work has included coaching staff on budgeting techniques, helping us define and implement a common approach to project reporting, comparisons of project management training courses, providing advice on resource management tools to improve our staff utilization, and suggestions for the use of Intranet technology to better communicate our processes and tools amongst our staff.

We have benefited from his ability to very quickly assimilate information and pinpoint ways forward that are increasing our operational effectiveness and helping give us a platform upon which we can grow.

Karen Roche, President, Business Solutions Group, Getronics

I think Mike is a very rare combination of intellect and heart.  He understands the pure mechanics and structure of business as well as its more emotional and human essence.  I think this is possible because he has unified his own mind and heart - he has done and continues to do his own work to understand and improve himself.  From the doing of this work, Mike has cultivated several uncommon qualities; he listens deeply, takes the time to understand things, and then shares his views with great clarity and precision.  He is then willing to look beyond his own opinions to fuse a "best solution" that includes the opinions of others, leaving all feeling involved and committed to the process.

Jim Spivey, Revolution Consulting

Working for us as a consultant, Mike provided a wealth of experience that, when coupled with his ability to operate as a coach and mentor to our staff, benefited our company in many ways.  He broadened the vision of our staff about how they can contribute, assisted us with organization, project, and process thinking, and helped our staff improve interpersonal relationships which yielded more effective business results. He directly assisted and guided in the resolution of both internal and project related issues.  We were very much impressed with Mike - to the extent that we hired him as our Vice President of Service Delivery.  During this time he increased our project management professionalism, in terms of increasing our understanding of the discipline of project management, improving the processes we use, and raising the bar on the quality of staff we hire and train.  Mike drove a number of global initiatives, cutting out overlapping activities, and increasing our global teamwork.  His ability to be a calm influence in times of market turmoil was greatly appreciated.

Larry Tanning, Chairman and CEO, Tanning Technology

Mike did more in his short time at Tanning to advance our level of project sophistication than in the 4 years prior to his arrival.  His experience and professionalism will be missed, but most of all his ability to be a calming and mature influence in stressful situations.

Lou D'Alessandro, Vice President, Tanning Technology

As a fairly small company looking to expand our business, Mike helped us gain an understanding of what project management is and how we can apply this to help control our work. He provided coaching to our senior project manager, including helping in the development of a plan to change the company structure and gain a clearer understanding of what project management should mean to us and how to integrate this understanding into our operations

Chris Parker, CEO Saztec International 1998 - 2000


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